Fishing from rocks at Ano Nuevo, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. July 3, 2003.

A cabezon, weighing about 8lbs.  The first fish I caught that was big enough to keep.  It was good eating.
The coast at Ana Nuevo, looking south.
Another cabezon, bigger than the first one at about 12 or 15lbs.  I caught it right in front of me, not having cast, just dropped the line straight down.
The coast, looking more to the west than the other coast picture.
A crab in a rock pool.

Fish caught during an expedition in an 8-ft dinghy in the ocean off Pescadero on July 17, 2005.

Three large lingcod, each about 3ft long.  I hooked the one nearest the camera.
The mouth of the biggest fish, the middle one in the picture above.